Forest School at Marton Primary Academy

Exciting week this week! We have had positive meetings with Mrs Coupe and Mrs Thorpe who are fully supportive and keen for us to start implementing as soon as possible.

Mr Haigh, Mrs Shaw, Mrs McIndoe and myself  all met on Tuesday … each of us had researched a different area …a price list for equipment has been produced and several ideas on a venue.  A meeting has been set up with our preferred venue for Thursday 14th July so we should know if its a possibility soon.  At this meeting, we will also identify trees and foliage and risk assess.  We also discussed planting of trees within our school field to enable our children of the future to have their own Marton Forest within the school.
Ropes have been purchased so we can practice the range of knots we learnt last week along with the first (of no doubt many) books to go into our Forest school library.


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