What is Forest School?

Last week myself, Mrs Shaw Mrs McIndoe and Mr Haigh were lucky enough to be sent on Forest School training at St Anne’s Scout Headquarters.
Forest School is a new and innovative approach to outdoor learning so we are all feeling very lucky to be part of something so exciting for our school.
During our first week of training, we got to explore woodland, identify trees, flora and fauna, erect shelters, tie knots, whittle wood into pegs and spoons, use bill hooks and bow saws, make and cook on fire ………….massively exciting!
We also looked at the theorists who’s ideas have shaped and guided Forest School, risk assessments, policies and procedures,  reflective practice, tool talks and understanding ecological impact of forest school amongst other things so it wasn’t all fun and games!  As a practitioner, these are the things Marton Primary Academy will be taking seriously to ensure our children have a wide and meaningful range of experiences.  The last thing we worked on was a timeline on how to manage and achieve our aims and goals for our school’s forest school.
Feeling massively inspired and motivated towards this innovative new aspect into helping our children develop personal, social and emotional skills.
We all can’t wait to get started.
Sally Malin


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