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Year 5b Forest School (Dylan and Teejay) Week 5 #ForestSchool

In this video, you can see Dylan and Teejay making a zip line. It turned out fabulous and it worked perfectly!

However, when Acer went on it, he fell off and we laughed a bit. He was ok but he was in a bit of a mood! The way you had to do it was you dangle down using the stick,  then let go and you will slide down which was a lot of fun.

Look at them beautiful flower. It is called a buttercup. We had to find out what it was called.

We played a game where we had to put a twig at someone’s feet and get back to a tree.


Here are a few other photos of our exciting visit to Forest School this week. As you can see we have been very busy and the weather was great!



Week 3 5B (Teejay and Ella) #forestschool #GreatOutdoors

We went to forest school in St. Annes on Thursday 4th May. The people who were there were Teejay, Ella, Emilia, Dylan, Joshua, Acer, Keira, Cody and Stephanie, Owen, Tyler and James, plus Mr Haigh and Mrs Malin.

In this picture we were trying to make a triangle with our eyes shut when we were doing this we had to do this on our own and we had to persevere and collaborate by working together with good sportsmanship! …And we managed to do it in the end!

We were also identifying trees and Mrs Malin was showing us how soft the leaves was and she said these leaves are special because they can clean your hands with them.

This is Teejay and Dylan who were trying to make a swing by tying the rope to the top of the tree. Acer went to Kaitlin’s swing then he tried to swing on it but he whacked his knee cap off the tree! Fortunately, he was OK but it was sore.

Ella and Stephanie were making a tent. Mr Haigh told us it was great!

This was in the forest. It was a very nice day and there was a lot of bluebells and other wildflowers.

We enjoyed Forest School because it was a fun experience and it was great because we got to build our own tents with only a few tent pegs. We played lots of games like “1-2-3 Where Are you?” – where you have to hide and then once you are hidden, you shout “1-2-3 over here” and the teachers have to come and find you (if they can!) The best thing about the day was being outside in the sunshine. It was fun not to be at school in lessons and we had a great time playing with our friends and learning about the outdoors.

Authors: Teejay and Ella