Year 5b Forest School (Dylan and Teejay) Week 5 #ForestSchool

In this video, you can see Dylan and Teejay making a zip line. It turned out fabulous and it worked perfectly!

However, when Acer went on it, he fell off and we laughed a bit. He was ok but he was in a bit of a mood! The way you had to do it was you dangle down using the stick,  then let go and you will slide down which was a lot of fun.

Look at them beautiful flower. It is called a buttercup. We had to find out what it was called.

We played a game where we had to put a twig at someone’s feet and get back to a tree.


Here are a few other photos of our exciting visit to Forest School this week. As you can see we have been very busy and the weather was great!




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