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5b Week 2 (Emelia & Dylan)

When we arrived at Forest School (which is at St. Annes Scout Head Quarters), we played a tree game where one person was guiding me. Stephanie  made me walk in to a tree!

In this picture, Joshua and Preston are also playing the tree game. The fun thing about it was you had to shut your eyes and get spun around and your partner had to guide you to a tree (which is harder than it looks!).

Mr. Haigh put the hammock up for us. It was hard to get into but it was very comfortable. Unfortunately, if fell down when we swung on it.

No boots allowed!

We only had four pegs to put the tent up so we also had to use sticks and rope which made it much harder.

Whilst we were playing the tree game, we spotted a bug which we huge and looked quite scary. We didn’t want to touch it!

In this picture, Preston and Joshua are looking at this small, young tree and there were lots of wildflowers like bluebells and daisies to look at in the forest.

Emelia found the lady bird which had a lot of black spots and a red body.


Making tents with 4 tent poles and rope



We enjoyed Forest School because we made tents and worked together as a team.

We would recommend it because we got to socialise and collaborate with our friends. Also, we got out in the fresh air and we learnt about nature and the forest.